#034 R.I.P Alviss Kong, Stupidity in LOVE kill people~

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Stupidity in LOVE kill people~

**google translator from china press..

The second case revealed commit suicide face book
Youth suicide last face book
Friends missed opportunity not immediately stop
09-12-2010 16:20

Special Report! Junior (Alviss Kong) unbearable feelings hurt hit home jump from the floor and, in the hospital died after emergency treatment, but committed suicide before he had left a suicide note written in the face, also his last jump, however, friends do not pay attention, though there are also some friends tried to comfort, but still can not prevent this tragedy from happening.

The boy was 2 at midnight, in Cheras (cheras ketumbar height) of the home committed suicide, according to its last words, I believe that he could not accept his girlfriend broke up with Xu Xing blow spur of the moment and then committed suicide.

However, Alviss Kong before committing suicide, but had to leave a message on face book, including jumping off a building 45 minutes before the countdown, but also a message to ask: "This is what should I do 45 minutes?" The book in his face on the message, including final jump, the put the final message: "Sorry I love the family, take care!"

According to his sister and face book friends confirmed that he did jump from the home, and in the National University Hospital after emergency treatment and died, friends were also introduced in the face book I wish he rest in peace.

Alviss Kong in the face of the book's last words to express his love to his girlfriend's feelings Xu Xing is not the separation between the homes with his girlfriend, both of whom last met in the cinema, followed her home after his girlfriend refused to youth, so that Junior dealt a heavy blow.

Alviss Kong's suicide note content, road to make his girlfriend's love, following a suicide note in the Chinese version:
Question: You gave me the merciless ... tremendous lack of heart
"Xu Mingbin
In your world ... What is love?
I threw everything to save you .... but you can be ruthlessly pushed me again and again
You say you love me .. you said you did not ... you just do not want a change .... no matter how I do not want to do the ... .. is not a
Desperate ... you really gave me a tremendous lack of heart to break his
Silly, right ..? I feel stupid ... I said i love u. .. i said it i meant it ... i'll love u till the moment i die
Now I have to say ... I want to help himself to be a break
.. But not completely because you are in my world ... .. and you really only love is my favorite person
Thank you for today .... in the cinema in the last memories of your subjects to embrace it all .. I think the feeling is coming back
Just did not think ... .. you still stick to the last decision you
You've changed ... you said you still love me ... but I find that you do not feel love with them
I can not afford ... love ... love .. I have two myself as do not know what to get ...
I regret that .... since the last day .. and you do not the opportunity to send you home to me ... Forget it ...
The future will no longer have this opportunity because when you read these ..... .. I have passed away after
Love you .. but .. I can not understand this with you in 4 months ... is the happiest of my life
Let me be your timeless ...."

Alviss Kong is also testament to its English version of his girlfriend's love manifest, including the requirement not to blame the family, his girlfriend, saying his decision was made, but also to promote the future of his girlfriend not to hurt her boyfriend. The Alviss also face their final book contains photos, a picture he burst into tears as he left the earth before the last photo. (Right)

The first case involved the same boy who have committed suicide inside the carbon around the bottom their own lives
This is not the face of the first book in the notice of suicide cases, there is a case of earlier also, but the two cases could not immediately stop the tragedy.

19-year-old Penang-related events College students are left face book "rest" after the word commit suicide. He also in the car because of emotional problems and commit suicide, the deceased to commit suicide two weeks before, the book has revealed his intention in the face, the message includes a "broken heart", "I'm dying ... because I very painful. " Dead even in the face book countdown for their lives.

People express their emotions face book or watch a message can save a life
Face book is widely used in social circles, however, many people are happy to leave a message on face book, or express their emotions, however, the two juvenile cases, said the book are feeling in the face, but also show the idea of committing suicide , but ultimately also the opportunity to save one life passing.

The boy in the face with his sister was talking to the book, but unfortunately his sister who is not in Kuala Lumpur, resulting in perceived wrong, too, could not give immediate help, some friends regret and blame myself, because last night saw the book on its face message, not even to be ignored.

Take things too hard for teenagers commit suicide, "delicate network" felt sorry for this, I hope he received the rest, I hope you pay more attention to her friends, in the face book friends also pay more attention to the message, you are a careful and minute of Ke Wanhui precious lives. Meanwhile, the "thorny net" also advise you that are due to the good side of things to think about, life is precious, do not easily give up life.

War of words written on the face lift
On the other hand, Alviss Kong's accidental suicide also face the book of "war of words", after hearing many friends in the book have a message in their face, most of all wish him rest in peace (rest in peace), However, there are many users dissatisfied with his suicidal behavior-based, and then rebuked him act stupid.

Alviss Kong face book 7 o'clock in the evening, each message has broken through 1000, and some users blame their misconduct, but Alviss Kong's friends are even behind him, and we should respect and promote the death of a person, and not in the the face book to unload.

There are many users denounced his girlfriend, but there are some friends you cool and promote respect for Alviss Kong's last wish, that is not to blame his girlfriend.

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