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        "Today however the NEP reaches only 2% of 30%. The reason is that when shares are sold to Malays,They immediately resell the shares to non-malays.It was the same with the license,approved permits and the contracts which were given to them.Only a small number of malay businessmen did not sell thos opportunities in exchange for a fast buck.Realising that such persons contribute to the success of the NEP,the government provided them with more opportunities adn thiswas the background for some successful Malay businessmen today.Then envy entered the picture and thos successful businessmen were accused of being good friends of the government leaders.It was not only the foreigners and foreign media who came up with such accusation,but some Malays also joined them saying that NEP benefits only a small and narrow cycle of Malay relatives and friends. "

      "Who are these people who have become rich as succesful Malay businessmen and industrialists? They are just anyone who worked hard,who did not become Ali in Ali Baba partnership.Investigate their background. Did they really succeed because they are cronies or is it because they didnt sell off their opportunities taht they succeeded ?The reason why they get more opportunities is because they are less likely to sell off their opportunities and tehy are more likely to succeed "

I'm agree with what you said,Tun.

respons needed.. Chill yo!! :)

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