#053 Knowing Aperture and How To Use It

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Aperture refers to the diaphragm opening inside a lens. How wide the aperture is open is indicated by the F-number. The lower the number, the wider it is. The wider it is, more light goes through it.
Think of it at your eye lids again, but instead of being the duration of the eye lid being kept open, aperture is like how wide your eye lid is to open.
When you set the aperture value to the lowest value available (meaning widest aperture) then it would open the aperture blades as wide as it can. The aperture will close to the width as indicated by the setting in the camera. Increase the value and the aperture will reduce in opening size accordingly.
Still don’t get it? Look at the picture below. :) So as you can see, the opening of the aperture decrease as the value increase.
Knowing Aperture and How To Use It
The aperture available depends on the lens you’re using. The F-number will ........... 

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