#084 Mahathir - The Secret of the Malaysian Success, Hajrudin Somun

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a lil bit about this book..

As the master strategist of modern Malaysia's phenomenal growth and development over the last quarter of the 20th century, Dr Mahathir Mohamad seems to thrive on unfashionable ideas,controversial policies and a contentious style of diplomacy. An enigma baffling to both his detractors and supporters alike.

Hajrudin Somun (the writer) looks at the secret behind Malaysia's success as a model of economic development and Mahathir's role as an initiator of change. It's irrefutably evident taht his policy of economic planning. There are several important lessons that developing and less developed countries could learn from Mahathir's brand of economic management,nurturing unity in a multicultural society,breaking off from a rigid approach to the past,formulating sound economic policies. The author illustrates these elements analytically,making simple the most complex of issues.

So,i think,although this book has been published long time ago,but it worth for you to read it. :)
happy reading. thanks!

respons needed.. Chill yo!! :)

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