#063 When will we ever change ???

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The good news is, the government has given us 10 more days to settle our outstanding summonses.
The bad news -- procrastinators will again skip a lesson in tardiness.
And why not? It's always good to take advantage of leniency, to continue living by the 'I'll do it tomorrow' ethos.
After all, it's not their fault that they are stuck in long queues or are frustrated by their inability to log onto a website to settle the fines because the system came crashing down, as they, and thousands of like-minded individuals, preferred to wait for the 11th hour to do something.
Why, surely the blame must lie with the system and the administration.
The authorities did say that the last day was Feb 28, so they must not be wrong for settling their fines in the last couple of days.
Obviously, one could not find the time, you know, since August, to do so.
And it is not fair for them to be blacklisted because they had put off settling the fines until the last week.
The government, though, is caught between a rock and a hard place, especially in the current political climate.
To put its foot down, even if it is for the good of the rakyat, means to incur the wrath of the people.
Which government wants that?
At the end though, can procrastinators ever be reformed?
Will they apply their philosophy to other aspects of life?
A full medical check-up? No pain yet, some other time. Service the car? There are no strange sounds, maybe after the next 1,000 kilometres.
The truth is, if we don't change, procrastinators will only learn when it is too late.
And when that happens, who will they blame?

respons needed.. Chill yo!! :)

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